19 minutes | May 13, 2021

Ep 353: Do You Have The Authority?

Virtual communication has been the mainstay for all of us for nearly 18 months now. As employers consider how they will work post-pandemic, the debate about what stays virtual in the future is going to dominate the next few months. There is always lots of discussion about the negative aspects of endless Zoom or Teams calls, but what would we lose if we return to our old ways of working?

To help provide some perspective on this, I have a very special guest. Jackie Weaver became an instant celebrity after a Zoom recording of a chaotic meeting of Handforth Parish Council went viral. As well as cheering us all up during a very long miserable locked down winter, Jackie has used her platform to champion the work of town and parish councils and increase the diversity of their membership. There are some interesting parallels for employers here, and Jackie most definitely does have the authority.

In the interview, we discuss:

   ▪   That Zoom meeting and instant global internet fame

   ▪   The positives of virtual communication

   ▪   Engaging with diverse audiences through virtual platforms

   ▪   Inclusivity and accessibility

   ▪   Virtual, face to face and hybrid

   ▪   What can employers learn from what is now happening to parish and town council meetings?

   ▪   What Jackie Weaver is doing next

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