25 minutes | May 12, 2021

Ep 352: Solving The Talent Crisis

The challenges for recruiting in hospitality at the moment are unprecedented both in the US and the UK. The jobs market has inverted, and there are currently many more roles than there are people searching for jobs. The extent of this imbalance has taken the industry by surprise and put many companies on the back foot and struggling to reopen fully. So what can employers do to get the talent they need, not just in the hospitality industry but also in other sectors where talent is in short supply.

My guest this week is Brandon Batt, Director of People at Savory Restaurant Fund. Savory has several restaurant brands and is being very successful at staffing them despite the current talent market crisis.

In the interview, we discuss:

   ▪   The current challenges in the hospitality industry

   ▪   An unprecedented imbalance in supply and demand

   ▪   The importance of thinking creatively

   ▪   Focusing on the fundamentals of culture

   ▪   What is important to employees

   ▪   Telling employee stories and reflecting the EVP

   ▪   Equipping employees with the right tools for referrals

   ▪   Using recruiting technology to its full extent

   ▪   Thinking outside of the ATS

   ▪   Communicating with candidates in their chosen channels.

   ▪   What does the future look like for recruiting?

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