22 minutes | May 7, 2021

Ep 351: Health, Wellbeing & Experience

Health and wellbeing are now front and centre of the employee experience and fast becoming a critical factor in talent acquisition and retention.

This is especially true in the retail industry, whose employees have had to face massive amounts of uncertainty during the pandemic and genuine concerns about their personal safety.

Next week retail industry charity retailTRUST is holding an online event to champion the health and wellbeing of the retail workforce following the reopening of non-essential shops across the UK. As part of the build-up to the event, I spoke to Chris Brook-Carter, CEO of retailTRUST and Louise Stonier, Chief People Officer at Pets at Home, about the renewed focus on health and wellbeing in the employee experience.

In the interview, we discuss:

   ▪   The work of retailTRUST and how it has been supporting the industry during the pandemic

   ▪   What is essential to retail employees right now

   ▪   The vital importance of transparent and clear communication

   ▪   Building a coalition of employers to champion health within the sector

   ▪   Retail as a post-pandemic force for good

   ▪   How health and wellbeing are now critical for talent acquisition and retention

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