31 minutes | May 5, 2021

Ep 350: The End Of Talent Acquisition?

It's becoming increasingly clear to me from the conversations I'm having with talent acquisition professionals worldwide that what happens in the coming months will set a course for a wholesale transformation of our industry. Talent markets are changing, technology is changing, employers are changing, and the very nature of work itself is changing.

So how do we navigate these disruptive times? My guest this week is Joe Mullings, Chairman and CEO of the Mullings Groups of Companies. Joe has some very strong and very well informed opinions on what the future looks like for talent acquisition. Take a listen to our conversation, and I would love to know whether you agree or disagree with him.

In the interview, we discuss:

   ▪   What happens next?

   ▪   The challenges of the hybrid workforce

   ▪   Disruptive forces in the talent market

   ▪   Building a hiring brand

   ▪   The golden age of recruiting

   ▪   The difference between HR and Talent Acquisition

   ▪   Who has the leverage?

   ▪   Talent Acquisition versus Talent Access

   ▪   Advice for Talent Acquisition and HR professionals

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