21 minutes | Apr 21, 2021

Ep 346: Emotional Wellness

After the events of the past twelve months, employees' emotional well-being should be right at the top of the agenda for all businesses. So what can employers do to help, and how does the support they give sit right at the heart of their employer brand and values?

My guest this week is Dan Anastas, VP of Total Rewards and HR Operations at UI Path. UI Path has made their employees' emotional health a business imperative and uses several different tools and approaches to help them.

In the interview, we discuss:

   ▪   How the pandemic has affected employee experience

   ▪   Emotional health as a crucial part of well being

   ▪   How UI Path is supporting its employees

   ▪   Thinking about the whole person

   ▪   The role of digital tools

   ▪   The importance of feedback mechanisms

   ▪   Reducing the load

   ▪   Emotional health and Employer brand

   ▪   The future of work and what is next for UI path

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