60 minutes | Sep 22nd 2020

Psychology, Neurology, & Addiction

In this episode, Zach is joined by Dr. Amy Serin, an internationally recognized neuropsychologist, founder of the Serin Center, and author of The Stress Switch: The Truth About Stress and How to Short Circuit It. Dr. Serin begins by explaining why she entered the field of psychology, and defines what it means to be a neuropsychologist. They explore the different ways neuropsychology can benefit someone suffering from addiction, and Dr. Serin offers tips for how to avoid relapsing during stressful times such as during the current pandemic. Following Dr. Serin, Zach is joined by Dr. Lawrence Jedlicka, a neurologist who is board certified in addiction medicine. Dr. Jedlicka shares his own transition from active addiction to becoming a neurologist and working in addiction recovery. He and Zach also discuss the human fight-or-flight response and how it plays out in a person suffering from addiction.