60 minutes | Mar 15th 2019

Episode 5 - Alternate Theories

This episode is two days late, but it's huge, so maybe that makes up for it? We discuss less common theories, including some that don't appear to count as time travel at first glance.  Theories Discussed:MultiverseFlashbacks (variation of Fixed Thread)Mental Projection (variation of Variable Thread)Information-OnlySuspended Animation (variation of Fixed Thread) New Rule:Don't tie events of the past to events of the future in real time - that ticking clock never works Media References:Harry Potter Azkaban12 MonkeysBill & Ted's Excellent AdventureRick & MortyTimelineHighlanderHow to live safely in a science-fictional universeAssassin's CreedX-Men: Days of Future PastQuantum LeapTravelersT.I.M.E. StoriesPrince of PersiaFrequencyEarly EditionBack to the FutureArs ParadoxicaAll Our Wrong Todays, Elan MastaiThe Flight of the Silvers, Daniel PriceNextFlasforward, Robert J.SawyerFuturamaIdiocracyLeverage
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