57 minutes | Jan 28, 2014

What food is making you healthy and which is keeping you diseased?

Food is what keeps us going, literally. If you didn’t eat food, you would starve and die. We all know that intellectually. Yet few of us realize the true power of food, as it also has the capacity to help us thrive! Instead of just getting by in our health journey, we could actually be thriving and preventing chronic disease with our diet. Remember, diet is what you eat, not something you go on. Based on the choices we make with our diet, we are either adding to or taking from our health bank account. The industrial revolution brought with it the unfortunate disaster of packaged foods and agricultural changes, which favored growing a lot of only a small number of crops. This has left our food system damaged. Do you know where your food comes from and what it is made of? Learn about where food comes from, what mainstream agriculture practices are doing to our food supply and how you can reclaim your health through your diet!
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