56 minutes | Apr 1, 2014

Living the Life of Your Dreams: the Mental Attitude of Success.

It is often hard these days to find people who are truly chasing their dreams, and even fewer who are living them. Did you know that your state of mind determines your actions in your everyday life? Individuals, who more regularly believe they can achieve success, will in fact go on to achieve success. When you have an idea and believe in your idea or dream, you can move mountains. If however, you don’t have the mental stamina to back up your idea or dreams, they are nothing but that, ideas and dreams. How can you become stronger mentally to really live the life you are destined to live? On today’s show, Darrell Foster will be discussing his newly released book “Breathe: Your Choices Determine Your Success.” We will be discussing what it means to really live from a place of choice and perseverance, even when the odds may be stacked against you.
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