55 minutes | Jan 21, 2014

Does your digestive system have you all upset?

Digestive symptoms and conditions are extremely common. From reflux and belching; to indigestion, gas, and bloating; to IBS, IBD, Celiac and other chronic conditions. Why are these symptoms so common? Well the digestive system is very sensitive, and is tightly regulated because it is one of our main barriers, along with our skin, from the outside world. The digestive system has multiple jobs including breaking down food, absorbing key nutrients, protecting the body from microbes, getting rid of waste, and keeping us hydrated. It also has to maintain a delicate balance of living organisms, known as probiotics, which promotes health. The digestive system is prone to being thrown off by emotional factors, stressful lifestyles, partaking in poor quality food and drinks, and poor dietary habits like eating too much, too late or too often. Learn what natural medicine can help you do to help calm your digestive system, and ease those constant pains.
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