55 minutes | Jan 7, 2014

A New Healthcare Model

Our healthcare system is completely overburdened with chronic disease and the current practice of medicine has very little answers for this madness. There is virtually no emphasis placed on the prevention of disease. Instead of learning what it takes to live a healthy life, we are taught that we don’t need to do anything to support our health until physical symptoms manifest. The problem with this is that once physical symptoms manifest, an underlying imbalance has already occurred. The more you know about what adds to or takes from your health, the better you become at being an empowered care taker of your health. Our lives have become overburdened with to do lists, chronic stress, errands and tasks. And the more our lives become busy, the less fulfilled many of us become. Getting our health back is about way more than the disappearance of symptoms. It is about learning to live a proactive lifestyle so that instead of waiting for disease to happen we are preventing it everyday.
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