50 minutes | Jul 16, 2019

#24 || How to turn a monster into an apologist

'In writing this apology, I moved him from monster to apologist…and in doing that, he lost power over me.' That's Eve Ensler, talking about her recent *masterpiece* of a book, The Apology. In it, she imagines the apology her father never gave her for the abuse he inflicted on her as a child. It echoes the imaginary Pope in Reckonings episode #22 — except that Ensler did it for her own father. Ensler was recently interviewed about the book by Lauren Schiller on Inflection Point, and their conversation had SO MUCH resonance to Reckonings, that I'm bringing it to you right here, in the feed. Enjoy! And when you're done, please tell Eve that she'd enjoy Reckonings — on Instagram @TheApology :)
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