29 minutes | Jun 21, 2016

#12 || A conversion on climate change

"When my son said, 'dad, I'm gonna vote for you, but you're going to clean up your act on the environment,' it wasn't a threat. It was my son saying, 'dad, I love you, and I want you to be what you can be.'" The force that propelled then-Republican South Carolina Congressman Bob Inglis to shift his position on climate change was, indeed, love. His son and family created a safe environment for him to explore the possibility of changing his views, and loved him unconditionally through what he calls his 'climate metamorphosis.' Which is why Inglis uses this same strategy to mobilize fellow conservatives around climate change: his organization RepublicEn avoids judgment, and leverages love.

For his courage on climate, Bob Inglis won the 2015 JFK Profile in Courage award. Today, he stands at the forefront of America's conservative movement on climate change.

This episode includes excerpts from Inglis' 2013 TEDxJacksonville talk.

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