89 minutes | Jun 29th 2020

Episode 72 - Meditation Mastery

In this episode of Rebel Guru Radio, Eric discusses the incredible spiritual and psychic experiences that are possible as we continue to meditate with the Higher Balance Foundation Meditation. He also discusses the release of the legendary Audio Upgrades, which consists of 9 audio tracks designed to awaken dormant psychic sensory and advance your spiritual growth by 10 or even 20 years!

Episode Bullet Points

  • Eric's Philosophy on "Want for Nothing, Gain Everything".
  • What is Non-Thought or "no monkey mind"?
  • Meditation tips that no one else talks about.
  • Why meditation solves life problems.
  • Info about the Higher Balance Audio Upgrades.
  • The various levels of meditation and what it can offer.
  • Is there more to meditation than just relaxation?

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