50 minutes | Mar 20, 2019

Episode 57 - Hacking Healing

The Placebo Effect and Self-Healing

What if the placebo effect is more powerful than we think? The effectiveness of the placebo effect has been widely documented in many clinical and experimental studies with phenomenal success. In fact, the earliest record of the positive results of the placebo effect dates all the way back to the 18th century! 

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be medical advice. We are not medical professionals. The ideas expressed in this podcast are strictly our opinions. You should always consult with you doctor before making medical changes.

Episode bullet points:

  • Does thinking about time more often affect the aging process?
  • What are some ways to utilize the placebo effect in your own life?
  • Why doubt and cynicism is your worst enemy
  • Discover what kind of conditions placebo can work for and what it cannot.
  • How to creatively work with the placebo effect
  • What makes healings most successful

In this episode, Eric will cover questions from the audience about healing and the placebo effect.

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