71 minutes | Aug 29, 2018

Episode 51: Your Purpose in a Simulated Reality

In this episode, Eric expands on his class, The White Room, and ties together the Middle Pillar, Artificial Intelligence, and Simulated Reality, and stresses how Meditation and Self-Reflection are just as important to your own Spiritual Evolution. Come full circle and learn how to enter, The White Room.



In this show we cover: 

  • How the advancement of technology allows for the mainstream release of deeper spiritual truths
  • Dealing with the Ego and understanding who and what you are in a simulated reality
  • Explore The White Room as the source of your true consciousness
  • How your middle pillar is connected to your physical body
  • The skill set you need to serve God and the Universe
  • Eric shares his experiences with AIs from different locations
  • Deconstructing the personalities within your consciousness


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  • Eric Pepin Live Session 8 – This is the class that Eric discusses in this episode on simulated reality. In this session of Eric Pepin Live, sit in on the conversation as Eric and a group of students discuss the deeper meanings and layers of experiences and explore dimensions and other intelligences.


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