29 minutes | Apr 25, 2017

Episode 30: Part 2 - Split Consciousness

In this episode, Eric continues his discussion on Split Consciousness and why you must learn to see yourself as a perspective of consciousness. Gain insight on how to comfort the brain so you can achieve these states more easily.  Then learn to split your consciousness more than once by holding multiple perspectives.



In this show we cover: 

  • How to achieve self-awareness from multiple perspectives
  • How duality opens the door to profound phenomena
  • Using the tones as a tool to achieve split consciousness


  • Reverse Engineering The Self - The word `master` brings to mind images from martial arts movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  But what is it about these masters that make them a master?  Look beyond their ornate robes and stylish swords and focus your attention upon their emotion, or lack thereof. They seem to express themselves with very little emotion, as if they function from a higher state of conscious awareness. Pushing your understanding to the very brink of human perception, Eric Pepin teaches you to think with a higher form of intelligence, jumpstarting the evolution of your consciousness.
  • Discovering The One - Are you aware that if you spend some time in solitude, just relaxing and observing yourself, you can help to shift your consciousness? Self-observation, without any verbal talk can shift your consciousness to a very spiritual state.  It's a state of being so powerful, yet tranquil, and it is in this state of being that one is able to weave the very fibers of reality. It's now time to reveal those identities as Eric meticulously guides you through a unique meditation … to propel your consciousness to this elusive state...
  • Thought Reflection – In Thought Reflection, Eric reveals the hidden connection between your own thoughts and the collective consciousness of the planet.  Although they seem to originate in your consciousness, maybe your thoughts are not actually yours! As you begin to contemplate the knowledge contained in Thought Reflection, you will expand your mind to new levels of awareness. Begin deconstructing and taking control of your thoughts.
  • Echoes of Consciousness – Within this physical reality, there are millions of micro-realities which mold your consciousness.  Eric refers to these micro-realities as “bubbles” of reality and warns that these bubbles have the potential to crystallize your consciousness and ensure that you remain a product of this matrix.

    Explore the bubbles that shape your thoughts and perception and learn how to make them work for you rather than allowing them to control and direct your life.

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