22 minutes | Mar 8, 2017

Episode 23: What Am I Missing

In this episode, Eric shares his amazing insights on how to find “That” moment – That Zen state when a true connection with the Force flows through you. Discover how to build your relationship with the Force so that it can work with you…  and through you.



In this show we cover: 

  • How the quality of work will determine how far you go
  • Learn to know when you are in that fluidic, zen state
  • How spiritual masters have found that true zen state, and how you can get there too.
  • The Force and how it amplifies thought and overlays consciousness.


For more on these topics:
  • The Power of Surrender – Most people have it all wrong – surrendering. They think in order to surrender, you must become submissive, often to another person, and this is repeated over, and over, never quite believing you’ve accomplished anything because there’s always the guilt, shame, and begging for forgiveness. You relive your experiences and feel the need to surrender all over again.

    Did you know that surrender is finding peace within you? It is the struggle to find the missing piece to complete who you are.  Surrender is the strength to forgive yourself, unconditionally, by honestly acknowledging what you are forgiving yourself for. And once you have the key, the Universe will take it from there. It will change you in profound ways.

  • Discussions with Eric: Surrender - How do you define the word surrender? What does that term mean to you? Does it conjure up feelings of failure - of giving up? As Eric explains, surrender, done properly, can be one of the most powerful techniques available to you.

    It's unfortunate that many people associate the term surrender with feelings of failure which prevents them from fully utilizing this powerful and unique skill. Through this class, you will gain a deeper understanding of surrender, and discover the ways in which you can fully utilize this misunderstood technique to dramatically accelerate your spiritual growth and evolution.

  • Alisone - The universe is a pretty big place...unimaginably BIG! So, how can God be everywhere? Maybe you’ve heard people say this but could never really grasp this concept because it doesn’t make sense logically. Maybe you’ve wondered how God can be everywhere when you can’t see or hear Him.  It may be time to surrender that outdated image of an old man sitting on a cloud and replace it with a new, more universally realistic image.  Why use your physical 5 senses to experience a non-physical being?
  • Deep Resonating Aums - Did you know that you can easily access a profound state of peace, bliss, and connectedness with the Universe?  It is a simple, direct method, often overlooked by many spiritual seekers.  Let me explain.

    There are a wide variety of methods that claim to help you experience an inner connection with the Universe.  Some work really well, and some don’t work at all.  Since it is energy, a frequency, in order to experience it we must change our vibration to match its frequency; just like tuning your radio or TV into the correct channel.  What you are about to discover is an ancient, sure-fire method for experiencing the vibration of the universal consciousness. This method is through chanting.


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