58 minutes | Jun 6, 2016

Episode 2: How to do energy movements and clean negative energies from your home

In this show we cover: 
  • How water helps you understand energy and how to work with it
  • Energy movement techniques
  • How expectations crystallize your spiritual growth
  • Methods to remove negative energies from your home
  • Why you need to develop the sensory you need to to experience and become one with the Universe
For more on these topics:
  • Foundation – This is the must-have course for all spiritual seekers. To fully harness and develop the abilities of the mind, you must transcend normal meditation and discover the missing link.  The tools you’ll acquire in The Foundation will enable you to master these higher dimensions.  It’s time to discover Multi-Dimensional Meditation.
  • Ties That Bind – In this Higher Balance module, Eric deconstructs the energy that manipulates your everyday thoughts and feelings. Discover the methods you need to recognize these influences and erase and re-write programs that may be negatively affecting you.
  • Prana Mindfulness – You are surrounded by an endless ocean of prana. In this course, you learn why you may be blocked from receiving this energy and how to effortlessly tap into this spiritual energy at will.
  • Water of Life – A unique method to harness energy and increase your frequency to a much higher state.
  • Energy Movements – In the following videos, Eric demonstrates how to do energy movements
  • Meditation Within Eternity – This is Eric’s second spiritual bestseller that contains methods to gain unlimited spiritual energy, the missing link to accessing higher consciousness and easy meditation techniques for real spiritual growth.
  • Igniting the Sixth Sense – This book offers in-depth teachings on harnessing energy, developing the sixth sense and how to use energy.

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