82 minutes | Sep 1, 2016

Episode 16: Mind Projection

In this episode, Eric brings to light the subconscious thoughts and patterns that hinder your mind projection experiences and results. Enhance your visual experiences, accuracy, and precision, and learn to differentiate between imagination and actual projection.



In this show we cover: 
  • The differences between Astral Projection, Mind Projection, and Remote Viewing
  • How your subconscious beliefs hinder your Mind Projection experiences and results
  • How “Want for Nothing” is the key to projection, and what that really means
  • Difference between Imagination and actual Projection
  • Techniques to enhance your visual experiences and amplify your projecting abilities
  • The role technology plays in Mind Projection and how you can use these resources to the fullest


For more on these topics:
  • Mind Projection – If you could travel to any location or any time period -- where would it be?  When would it be?  The idea of packing your suitcases and hopping on the next flight is alluring. Now, imagine feeling the liberation of being able to not only travel the world but explore the endless Universe.  In Mind Projection, you'll gain access to the secrets of astral projection and remote viewing. 

    Eric lays-to-rest the myths and misconceptions surrounding these abilities and explains how these lies actually prevent people from achieving their goals. At the conclusion of this course, Eric will guide you through an astral projection session: taking full advantage of binaural technology and specific frequencies, your projection will be effortless, and most importantly, you'll gain full control over your destination!

  • Future Memory Dreamscape –Stretch the possibilities of the human imagination and clear pathways to accurate past-life memories on alien worlds and ethereal dimensions.
  • Visual and Audio Upgrades - The Visual Upgrades significantly expand and build on your experience of all previous and future Higher Balance knowledge. By invoking a series of reflections, your mind begins to construct a network of neural pathways that bridge the gap between the organic brain and your dimensional consciousness. Rather than taking years or decades, with this technology you can experience peak breakthroughs that unlock hidden aspects of your consciousness in a matter of hours.

    The Audio Upgrades are designed to hit your consciousness from different directions, effectively elevating you to new heights, “Upgrading” you. These sessions have a lasting, permanent impact on your sensory. mental acuity and spiritual connectivity, with a single listen. Through this experience, you build a bridge of new neuro-pathways that will enable your organic consciousness (i.e. your brain) to “plug-in” to your higher consciousness and experience reality from the vantage point of an Enlightened state of mind.

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