26 minutes | Dec 21st 2020

Episode 173: Creating the COVID Vaccine Guidance for People with MS with Dr. Nancy Sicotte

It's safe to say that this year, the biggest gift of the holiday season has been the arrival of not one, but two COVID-19 vaccines. Still, while the COVID-19 vaccines have created a tremendous amount of hope, they've also created an equal number of questions among people who are living with MS.  So the National MS Society has convened a group of experts to provide guidance for people living with MS when it comes to making decisions about the safety, efficacy, and the timing of COVID-19 vaccines as they relate to certain MS disease-modifying therapies.   As the Chair of the MS Society’s National Medical Advisory Committee, my guest, Dr. Nancy Sicotte, is leading the effort to create this very important guidance.    Dr. Sicotte is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she's also the Director of the Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Program.    We'll also talking about the FDA's approval to shorten the time required for an Ocrevus infusion.   We'll tell you about new study results that show Mayzent may improve cognitive processing speed among people with progressive MS.   And if you're living with progressive MS, we'll tell you about an important clinical trial that you may be eligible to participate in.   We have a lot to talk about! Are you ready for RealTalk MS??!

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Shortened infusion time for Ocrevus  2:10

Mayzent may improve thinking skills among people with progressive MS  3:30

Investigators are recruiting people with progressive MS for a clinical trial  5:21

My interview with Dr. Nancy Sicotte 8:48

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National MS Society's Ask An MS Expert Video Replay

What You Need to Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

STUDY: Shorter Infusion Time of Ocrelizumab: Results from the Randomized, Double-Blind ENSEMBLE  PLUS Study in Patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis   STUDY: Siponimod and Cognition in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: EXPAND Secondary Analyses   For More Information About the Tolebrutinib Clinical Trial: Phone: (800) 733-1610 Email: US@sanofi.com   National MS Society COVID-19 Response Fund

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RealTalk MS Episode 173 Guests: Dr. Nancy Sicotte

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