27 minutes | Aug 31st 2020

Episode 157: The Future of Telehealth with Mei Wa Kwong

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One of the very few bright spots to emerge during the COVID-19 pandemic is the overall effectiveness and efficiency of telemedicine. And although people living with MS and their doctors have largely hailed telemedicine as a success, there are significant obstacles to overcome before it can become a permanent part of our healthcare system.     My guest is Mei Wa Kwong, the Executive Director of the Center for Connected Health Policy, and we're talking about the things that need to happen to ensure that telemedicine remains a viable means of healthcare delivery.   We're also talking about a study that demonstrates that playing a video game can improve cognitive function for people with MS.   We'll tell you about the research team that has identified the specific areas in the brain where the neurological changes triggered by fatigue actually occur, and why that's a good thing for people living with MS.   Over 1,000 people living with MS completed the global vsMS survey. We'll share the key results with you.   We'll also give you the details about a small MRI study that shows one way that the brains of African-Americans with MS are affected differently than the brains of Caucasians with MS. And we'll remind you about where you can register for the upcoming National MS Society's Black MS Experience Summit.   And we're inviting you to Keep Moving Forward, a virtual benefit to celebrate the MS Movement. You won't want to miss this!   We have a lot to talk about! Are you ready for RealTalk MS??!

A study shows that a video game can improve cognitive function for people with MS  2:25

Researchers identify areas of the brain that are affected by fatigue  5:09

Results of the global vsMS survey remind us of all the ways that MS interrupts lives    7:04

MRI study shows one way that MS affects the brains of African-Americans differently than Caucasians  9:30

National MS Society to convene the Black MS Experience Summit  10:50

You're invited to Keep Moving Forward, a virtual benefit to celebrate the MS Movement  11:56

My Interview with Mei Wa Kwong  13:31

Share this episode  23:48

Leave a rating & review  24:09

Please Support the National MS Society COVID-19 Response Fund  24:51


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National MS Society's Ask An MS Expert Video Replay

What You Need to Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Center for Connected Health Policy

STUDY: A Novel In-Home Digital Treatment to Improve Processing Speed in People with Multiple Sclerosis: A Pilot Study

STUDY: Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Effects of Physical Fatigue on Effort-Based Choice

Effects of Multiple Sclerosis on Daily Activities, Emotional Well-being, and Relationships: The Global vsMS Survey

STUDY: African Americans Experience Disproportionate Neurodegenerative Changes in the Medulla and Upper Cervical Spinal Cord in Early Multiple Sclerosis

National MS Society Black MS Experience Summit

Keep Moving Forward: A Benefit to Celebrate the MS Movement

National MS Society COVID-19 Response Fund

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RealTalk MS Episode 157 Guests: Ms. Mei Wa Kwong

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