48 minutes | Oct 21, 2021

Episode 156: Cloud DBs with Natalia Venditto

Recording date: 10/01/2021John Papa @John_PapaWard Bell @WardBellDan Wahlin @DanWahlinCraig Shoemaker @craigshoemakerNatalia Venditto @anfibiacreativaBrought to you byAG GridIonicResources:MongoDBCloud databaseACID Database PrinciplesRelational databaseDocument-Model databaseSQL (Structured Query Language)Referential integrity in databasesData localizationPostgreSQLThe Price of PeaceHemingway appHemingway’s “Shortest story” contestTimejumps01:43 Guest introduction03:36 How do you think about databases in 2021?09:27 Sponsor: Ag Grid10:30 How do you break out various databases and when to use them?17:41 Databases in the cloud20:26 Stories of successful database decisions25:03 Sponsor: Ionic25:48 What kinds of issues did you have?28:51 Do we evolve past data schemas?36:01 What about relational integrity?38:33 When should I choose to go with MongoDB?41:16 Final thoughtsPodcast editing on this episode done by Chris Enns of Lemon Productions.
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