42 minutes | Sep 16, 2021

Episode 151: Engineering Technology from Idea to Release

Recording date: Sep 2, 2021John Papa @John_PapaWard Bell @WardBellDan Wahlin @DanWahlinCraig Shoemaker @craigshoemakerMitali Karmarkar @KarmarkarMitaliBrought to you byAG GridIdeaBladeNarwhal Visit nx.dev to get the preeminent open-source toolkit for monorepo development, today. Resources:Azure Static Web AppsJamstackAzure App ServiceAzure FunctionsInternships at MicrosoftAzure control plane and data planeStatic Web Apps ConfigurationLearn - tutorial - Authenticate users with Azure Static Web AppsBring Your Own Auth in Azure Static Web AppsWorks on my machine tshirtTimejumps03:23 Topic and guest introduction05:00 What is a static web app?09:09 Sponsor: Ag Grid10:16 Whatt was the first line of code that was written?13:14 What's a control plane and a data plane?15:04 What are some challenges you faced developing this?23:58 Marker 728:50 Sponsor: Narwhal29:31 Did you start from scratch or use the existing Routes.Json file?31:09 What was the timeframe and how did you gather feedback?34:11 What advice would you have for someone building a product?36:24 Final thoughtsPodcast editing on this episode done by Chris Enns of Lemon Productions.
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