53 minutes | Aug 5, 2021

Episode 145: Vue and Careers with Ari Clark

Recording date: July 6, 2021John Papa @John_PapaWard Bell @WardBellDan Wahlin @DanWahlinCraig Shoemaker @craigshoemakerAri Clark @GloomyLumiBrought to you byAG GridNarwhal Visit nx.dev to get the preeminent open-source toolkit for monorepo development, today. Resources:Enjoy the Vue PodcastChris Fritz42 is the secret of the universeWorld of WarcraftEnjoy the Vue podcast on twitterVue.jsJust in Time Learning10x developerImposter SyndromeSoft Skills Engineering PodcastFrou FrouAri Clark - Real Time Vue videoPolymerLit replaces polymer, lit-html, and lit-elementsComposition API in VueVue MixinsComposition API - do you really need it? - blog postPetite VueVue DocsDrop a script tag in a page and go with VueStripe docsFront-End FoxesTimejumps02:40 Guest introduction06:01 What's the story behind GloomyLoomy?07:26 Work life balance09:14 Sponsor: Ag Grid10:07 What's the 10x developer?12:55 How do you connect with peers?18:44 Dealing with imposter syndrome27:07 What do you do with Vue?32:49 How do you feel about the compositions API?40:53 Sponsor: Nrwl41:31 What's your fav thing about using Vue?44:52 Final thoughtsPodcast editing on this episode done by Chris Enns of Lemon Productions.
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