55 minutes | Oct 19, 2020

TV: The Twilight Zone - Top 3 Episodes of 1960 [Ep. 3]

Host Joe Rubenstein explains why 3 "Twilight Zone" episodes from 1960 are a cut above the rest. Deep analysis, fascinating trivia, and at the end, a few runners-up. Please rate and review this podcast — and thanks for your support! In this Episode: Rod Serling’s work before "The Twilight Zone" [1:43] “A World of Difference,” S1, Ep. 3, aired 3/11/60 [8:00] “The Big Tall Wish,” S1, Ep. 27, aired 4/8/60 [20:35] “Eye of the Beholder,” S2, Ep. 6, aired 11/11/60 [36:41] Other great episodes from 1960 [50:37] Links: Episode Transcript Podcast Website
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