39 minutes | Aug 9, 2021

Bay of Pigs, pt. 2: Invasion and Aftermath [Ep. 10]

In this second installment of a two-part episode, host Joe Rubenstein takes an in-depth look at the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and its many repercussions. Link to pt. 1 In this Episode: What went wrong [1:44] Supporters and detractors [9:06] When & why RFK became the de facto V.P. [12:32] When & why JFK installed a taping system [13:11] CIA plans to assassinate Fidel Castro [17:03] What JFK knew about those plans [21:38] JFK’s political mop-up strategy [26:25] Why JFK’s poll numbers went up [31:22] Links: Episode Transcript Podcast Website
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