41 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

Adolf Eichmann, pt. 1: Crimes and Flight [Ep. 5]

In this first installment of a two-part episode, host Joe Rubenstein explores the life and crimes of Holocaust organizer Adolf Eichmann, his years as a fugitive in Germany and Argentina, and the effort to bring this Nazi war criminal to justice. Please rate and review this podcast — and thanks for your support! Link to pt. 2 In this Episode: Eichmann’s early years in the Nazi party [1:03] Two critical junctures that massively accelerated the Holocaust [3:20] Eichmann’s 4-stage genocidal process [7:07] How Eichmann evaded detection in postwar Europe [14:43] Eichmann’s two big mistakes in Argentina [20:40] How Cold War politics affected the Eichmann case [28:11] Background on the Israeli team of operatives tasked with capturing Eichmann [32:30] Links: Episode Transcript Book: “Hunting Eichmann,” by Neil Bascomb Podcast Website
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