36 minutes | Oct 16th 2018

Your Attitude Affects Your Brain with Donesa Walker

Real Talk with Joanie and Cindy's new podcast on how Your Attitude Affects Your Brain with Donesa Walker. This episode is full of great advice from an expert in her field. Donesa Walker is the owner of Learning Rx. A business in business to help people from 4 years old to no limit how old learn how to learn and reactivate their brain. Listen to her share how gratitude impacts us physically, how we can change our brains with our thoughts, and how an old dog can learn new tricks. Read part of the ShowNotes Donesa: 06:30 The facts are there. That brain actually grows dendrites. It actually becomes a stronger and better from you having an attitude of gratitude. So when you're thankful you actually breed thankfulness. So your attitude actually changes from that. And in some recent studies they did, they actually looked at how the brain changed and how the effect was on the body and the effect on the body. It reduced stress. It lowered blood pressure, and these are big factors for people. It actually helps in overall health and reducing anxiety. These are all studies that they have done and they've seen that having that attitude of gratitude and being very thankful for your blessings actually made people rewardable. Donesa: 07:24 In other words, when you felt thankful about something, you were more likely to be kind and when we have an era of incivility that we have right now where so many people are ugly and unkind to each other then it is a way of changing our culture just by starting with that small step of being thankful. It's so important that we train this from when our children are very, very young to train them not only to say thank you, but to write thank you notes. Donesa: 08:03 Take the time. Taking the time to say thank you in writing is a big deal because it actually encodes that to the brain. When you're writing, that's a mechanism that actually encodes to your brain. And so it's really important that parents start instilling that at a young age. We get too busy and we think, oh, I'm just going to shoot off a quick text or I'm a send a quick email and we forget that that gratefulness can actually be bred in our children by just doing the exact act that they need to do of writing a thank you note. Very simple. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/realtalkjoanieandcindy/support
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