66 minutes | Feb 27th 2020

LARRY FLOWERS: The Power of Networking & Fun NHL Stories

On this episode of Real Talk University, Andre and Christian sat down with Larry Flowers, an LA based jeweler and entrepreneur. Since getting started, he has become the go to guy for a lot of NHL players for watches and engagement rings. His network of connections is incredible, but his character and selflessness is the most impressive aspect of his story.   He dropped a ton of knowledge, but here are the 3 main takeaways:

  1. Networking is KEY! When Larry arrived in LA, he worked as a bartender for a period of time. With all of the interactions he made with people on a consistent basis, it did not take long for him to become friendly with a lot of LA people. Not to mention, someone he knew had a connection to the NHL and this is how he started meeting pro hockey players. This blossomed into him becoming widely known as the go to guy for jewelry around the league.
  2. If an opportunity presents itself, take it! Larry’s friend introduced him to the idea of going into the jewelry business, and his decision to go for it would change his life. Rather than be frozen by inaction or indecision, Larry gave the venture a shot and it has paid off in a big way.  He has found a passion for jewelry, and his business has been booming!
  3. Honest business is the best form of marketing. Larry’s name has spread due to word of mouth and referrals as the people he works with are impressed by him as a person and by his products. He told us on the episode that he gives people honest prices for his items even if they have no idea what the piece could be worth, and he always tries to make a real connection with his customers. Many of his customers are making a purchase for a special occasion in their life, and Larry strives to make it as smooth as possible.


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