45 minutes | Jan 29th 2020

DAVID RIGGS: Grades Do Not Matter

On this episode of Real Talk University, Andre and Christian sat down with David Riggs, a college senior at Wabash College in Indiana. He is one of the first guests on the show to take advantage of entrepreneurship in college, something Andre & Christian emphasize on the show often. He is the founder of Pneuma Media, an agency specializing in helping small businesses improve their marketing efforts. He dropped a ton of knowledge, but here are the 3 main takeaways:

  1. Do 3 actionable things every day. Measure your daily progress by having three things you can do daily that will build confidence and help you pick up steam in business and life. For example, set a goal to spend an hour in the gym, do cold outreach to 10 people, and engage with 30 people on LinkedIn. Measuring actions rather than results is huge for anyone with a busy schedule.
  2. Grades don’t matter. As much as it may seem emphasized in college, they mean nothing in the real world. A 4.0 student could have excelled in the classroom, but does not have the interpersonal skills or the abilities in the workplace that a 3.3 student had. If you are the company, the choice as to who to hire is pretty self explanatory. Focus on developing real world abilities in college, and don’t put too much stock into your GPA.
  3. Opportunities don’t fall in your lap as a student. Taking it upon yourself to seek knowledge outside of the classroom and find your own opportunities will set you up for success post graduation. Attend career fairs, start your own side hustle, network with professionals and entrepreneurs, and you will have a great head start towards a fantastic career.


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