33 minutes | Feb 7th 2020

How a spinal injury changed Paul Stretton-Stephens life

As a leading authority on ‘Adversity into Action’, I’m a Future Mindset Coach.

With over twenty-five years coaching and teaching experience, I enjoy working with a range of international individuals from Entrepreneurs to CEO’s, Military Personnel to Sporting Talent, and Housewives to Epic Adventurers. I help people who are truly inspired to make a difference with their lives; I help many of them, craft their dreams, become unstuck and fulfilled again with a life full of purpose and joy. And often, turn their adversity into action.

As a highly trained and super fit Physical Education Instructor coaching multiple sports (10 years), I sustained a spinal injury. Two operations later it left me paralyzed in my left leg.

After being medically retired I was devastated. The only way I found of dealing with my situation was to take my adversity and turn it into action. I met my challenging situation head-on, determined not to let it beat me and returned to education attending University and NLP training. In those days, I walked on elbow crutches for short journeys and used a wheelchair for the longer ones.

Fast forward a few years and as a senior leader in education, I discovered that I had a progressive eye condition. My left eye rapidly deteriorated, and I was told that the condition may manifest in the other and sure enough in April 2015, it did. Losing a significant amount of sight was beyond words.

Medically retired again, I sought the courage to turn my ‘Adversity into Action’ once more.

Today, my mission in life is to leave the world a more interesting place for me having been here, and I especially relish working with those who can make a positive impact in our world, however large or small.

You can contact Paul via his Website: https://coachpaul.expert/

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