57 minutes | May 19th 2020

Nick North: Milestones, Change, & Celebration

Nick North is a dude, a husband, a dad to 5 kids, and a Branding Strategist. He also has a history of living as a woman, a wife, a mom, a photographer and one of those fancy director of marketing positions. When he embraced his identity and came out as transgender, he realized just how much gender affects the way we think, talk, sell and function. He now speaks from his experience on both sides of the gender coin, empowering all genders to live authentically and powerfully, while also making more money following their passion and their gut. In this episode, Nick joins me to share the story of an important milestone in his life as a trans man, and he talks all about why September 14th will always be a special day for him. You'll see! (more…)
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