61 minutes | May 12th 2020

Mara Glatzel: Milestones, Change, & Celebration

Mara Glatzel, MSW is an intuitive coach, writer, and podcast host who helps perfectionists and people pleasers redefine their self-care and reclaim their sovereignty.

She’s also a queer, femme wife and mother of two, a recovering control freak, and a human who deeply understands the impulse to relegate her needs to the bottom of a very long to-do list in an attempt to prove her worth.

In this episode Mara joins me to talk about milestones and celebration, sharing honest stories of some of the most meaningful moments of her life and how she has intentionally marked and celebrated them. We talk about why celebrating ourselves can feel so hard to do, how to move into a place where it feels safer and more natural, and why it's important to mark our own transformations and identity changes as we move through life.

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