112 minutes | Apr 14th 2020

Carrie Mack on Showing Up, Believing in Yourself, and Qualifying for the Olympic Trials Marathon

Carrie Mack is an elite level marathoner and member of Oiselle's all female training group, Littlewing Athletics, in Bend, Oregon.

She's also the Community Engagement Manager for the High Desert Food & Farm Alliance, an organization that believes good food should be accessible to everyone and that our food connects us to each other.

In this episode, Carrie tells the whole story of what it took for her to qualify for the Olympic Trials Marathon. From the birth of a dream to setbacks, fear of disappointing people, hard work, small wins, and injuries, Carrie is honest about it all.

We talk about what it means to show up for yourself, how small daily actions can really add up to something much larger, the role of teamwork and community, and more.

Carrie is a dear friend of mine, and it was an absolute joy to have this conversation with her. If you are in pursuit of your own impossible-seeming goal, this is the episode for you!


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