58 minutes | Oct 6, 2020

S2 E6 It's A Long Way To The Top - Film Maker and Mountaineer, Jimmy Chin

The documentary 'Free Solo" based around the rope-less ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park by Alex Honnold had us all on the edge of our seats. I found myself holding my breath, at times barely able to look at the screen even though I knew Alex would ultimately succeed. To capture the drama of that quest took both great technical and dramatic skill; the perfect marriage of talents for two film makers - Jimmy Chin (the mountaineer and director) and his wife 'Chai' Vasarhelyi (director and in Jimmy's words, the one who brings great restraint to the film to allow the natural drama to play out).The film received an Academy Award and a BAFTA. But it took years in the mountains perfecting his crafts before Jimmy reached these dizzying heights. His honest account of life before the making of Free Solo is equally intriguing. Make sure you check out 'Meru" as well, which is Jimmy and Chai's first climbing documentary!
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