69 minutes | Sep 29, 2020

S2 E5 From the Farm Ute, to the Monaco Grand Prix - A Life of Motorsport with David Brabham

When your father is Jack Brabham a three times Formula 1 World Champion, it seems likely that motorsport will be in your blood. And as it turned out all three of Jack's sons took to the track like the proverbial ducks to water. David Brabham never intended to race cars, he was content driving the farm ute at breakneck speeds sideways around the local dirt roads. But when he casually entered a gokart race with a friend one day, he discovered a natural aptitude and competitive spirit that would stand him in good stead for many years. From karting, to sedans, various open wheelers, sports cars and even F1, he became a champion in his own right. And in this conversation, he describes that amazing journey whilst at times living in the shadow of his legendary father, and the family name that still means so much to all Australians.Oh and if you fancy a nice ride for yourself, check out the Brabham BT62!www.brabham.co.uk  www.brabhamautomotive.com
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