64 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

S2 E4 The Crystal Caves of Abaco - With Brian Kakuk and Kenny Broad

In this episode I talk with two good friends, cave divers Brian Kakuk and Dr Kenny Broad. Brian runs Bahamas Underground which offers guided diving to suitably qualified cave divers in the exquisite flooded caves on Abaco Island. But the beautiful crystal formations in the gin clear tunnels are only half the story. Amazing geology, bizarre life forms, ancient fossils and even human remains make this a natural laboratory for scientists. Scientists like anthropologist Kenny Broad, another expert cave diver, regularly dive with Brian to help unlock the secrets of these caves.  The guys share stories of early dives, near misses, friends lost; but mostly their passion for exploration and discovery in what can be a most unforgiving environment.www.bahamasunderground.com    https://vimeo.com/10402471 (The Crystal Caves of Abaco)     https://ccs.miami.edu/team_member/kenny-broad-phd/     
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