55 minutes | Sep 15, 2020

S2 E3 210 Days Alone On the Ocean - Circumnavigator Jessica Watson

At the age of 16, I wasn't thinking about achieving something incredible. My thoughts were firmly on the pursuit of the opposite sex, of SCUBA diving and the freedom of a driver's licence! Lucky for the human race some youngsters have a loftier agenda. Jessica Watson was one such girl, who with the influence of her family's love of adventure, dreamt of testing herself on the open ocean in a small boat. At the age of 16, she finally made that dream a reality when she became the youngest person to ever circumnavigate alone and unassisted. Her quest was never easy, was always risky, and was a magnet for criticism from nay sayers who felt it was nigh on irresponsible for her adult mentors to allow the voyage, let alone encourage it. Yet she emerged stronger, more confident and a symbol of the capacity of the youngest generation to achieve their goals. With people like Jess around, I can't help thinking the planet is in safe hands.Pick up a copy of her books "True Spirit" and "Indigo Blue" and learn more about Jess HERE
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