55 minutes | Sep 8, 2020

S2 E2 Two Inches Off The Ground - Downhill Skateboard Racing with Kevin Reimer

Almost every kid with a few dollars to scrape together has owned a skateboard of some kind, and pretty soon after has ridden it down a hill near their house. But a few take it to the next level, using gravity to pull them down the steepest roads at speeds that defy belief. Just inches above the tarmac, it is hard to imagine what riding at speeds of over 100kph must feel like. Clad in full leathers and a full face helmet, they race to be World Champion in a sport many people have never even heard of.Kevin Reimer in California is one of the true champions of the discipline, and has made a career out of not only racing but designing and manufacturing skate boards and trucks. Check out the clips below and listen to see what it feels like to fly down a hill at breakneck speed.https://www.facebook.com/aeratrucks/videos/231429824908992/  https://www.facebook.com/aeratrucks/videos/1209665522720271/  skateone.com
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