55 minutes | Nov 24, 2020

S2 E12 Last Wave of the Day - Chris Blowes and the Great White Shark

To finish the series, the frightening account of the shark attack that so nearly cost Chris Blowes his life. The attack ended with his two mates watching the shark swimming off with their friend's leg in its mouth, towing his surfboard by the leg rope behind it. That imagery is so much worse than anything that Hollywood could dream up.Over the next few hours Chris came as close to dying as one can. Another inexplicable survival story in the vein of last week's episode with diver Chris Lemons. But Chris Blowes survived to marry his girlfriend, have a child, return to work and perhaps most courageously, return to surfing. It is yet another story of courage, inspiration and humility that makes Chris a worthy final guest for the series. I also spoke with Dr Kylie Stanton who coordinated the medical retrieval from the SA Ambulance Emergency Operations Centre. Her medical insights into Chris's survival are equally fascinating. Enjoy!Edit-the quote attributed to Chloe at the end of the podcast was actually stated by Dr Michelle Cresp.Chris Blowes will release his book "Caught Inside" this December 2020. 
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