63 minutes | Sep 1, 2020

S2 E1 You Must Be Mad To Do That - The Psychology of Risk with Bill von Hippel

Bill is a professor of psychology at the University of Queensland. He is widely published in the literature and has authored a book called The Social Leap, an insight into how evolution has influenced our current thinking and behaviour. "Life on the sprawling grasslands precipitated a shift from individualistic ways of living to more cooperative ways. This was the birth of what you might call “social intelligence,” and it changed the way our minds work forever." It's an amazing read. But Bill also works with Special Forces soldiers helping them manage their perception of danger and risk, and it is this context that I was introduced to him. A risk taker himself, Bill enjoys climbing and "skiing fast" although like most adventurers he believes his activities are safe and very limited compared to other extreme athletes. Bill has written over 100 peer reviewed articles, has featured in the New York Times, USA Today and The Economist, a TED speaker and a regular podcast (check out The Joe Rogan Experience and London Reel) and interview guest. His insights into our need for risk taking are fascinating!
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