56 minutes | Jul 21, 2020

S1 E10 I've Nearly Died, On Stage - Comedian Peter Helliar

Peter Helliar is a much loved son of Australian television and comedy. He acts, performs, writes, directs and more. He doesn't really come across as your outdoors adventure type, in fact in his own words he's "a bit risk averse". So when I was looking for someone a little different to talk with about risk taking, he was the first guy I called. In fact BASE jumper Sean Chuma (EP 4) gave me the idea when he told me the thing he fears most is public speaking. In fact many people are less scared of death than giving that best man's speech! Who better than a stand up comic to help us face our most primal fear?Contact me on admin@speleopix.com.au or www.speleopix.com.au
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