14 minutes | Jul 23, 2021

The Top 3 Things You Need to Implement from Ron Tite, Author of Think. Do. Say.

Mo shares his insights from the habits of Ron Tite.

  • Think: What’s the thing you believe in so much that you would be happy to work on it for the rest of your working life?
  • Do: How do you exemplify that? People don’t judge you by the things you say, they judge you by what you do. Actions are what signals what you believe deep down.
  • Say: How do you communicate what you believe? Too many people jump to this part before figuring out everything else.
  • Be comfortable with your imperfections. Authenticity means being okay with who you are, even when you make mistakes or ask dumb questions. Share your journey because we are all always learning.
  • When people are focused more on progress than a result, they are more comfortable with sharing that they are not perfect and those are the kinds of people that others want to be around.
  • Add some humour to your communication. Ron’s background in stand up comedy gives him a good foundation for making a conversation enjoyable.
  • Be a good entertainer and great host. Don’t be so focused on the content you’re teaching or discussing that you become boring.
  • Studies showed that if you tell a joke at the beginning of a negotiation it reaches a better result and people rate the negotiation higher. Even an attempt at humour that doesn’t hit the mark is better than being boring and dry.



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