12 minutes | Jul 16, 2021

The Top 3 Things You Need to Implement from Karim Nehdi, Founder/CEO of Herrmann

Mo shares his insights from the habits of Karim Nehdi.

  • There are four major ways we think: analytically, structurally, relationally, and experimentally, and each way of thinking gives clues.
  • With an analytical thinker, they are going to be quick and cut to the chase. They want to jump right into the meeting and get things done.
  • With the structural thinker, they will want to know the details and what the process looks like. They want to know the steps to start something and how to keep it going.
  • With a relational thinker, you will see clues that they care with more emotion in their voice. They probably think from the perspective of other people and ask more questions to dial up the engagement.
  • With an experimental thinker, they may zig zag in the conversation and want to do things that haven’t been done before. Experimental thinkers want to connect the dots.
  • Analytical thinkers want to dial in the ROI, structural thinkers desire safety, relational thinkers want more connection to you and your team, and experimental thinkers want a strategic fit with where they are heading.
  • To adapt to a person’s thought style, make it easy to talk about what matters to them, whether that is money and ROI, that you’re a safe choice, that your team is ready to engage, or what you stand for and how it aligns with their goals.
  • Big deals are sold by teams, to teams. You can really knock a deal out of the park by covering all four ways of thinking.



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