18 minutes | Jul 9, 2021

The Top 3 Things You Need to Implement from Jay Baer, Customer Experience Expert

Mo shares his insights from the habits of Jay Baer.

  • Market your marketing. Most experts put in the time to create some content, but they would be much better served by taking half that time, creating less content overall, and spending the other half marketing that content. Doing this allows you to spend half the time and generate 10x the results.
  • There are three components to marketing your marketing: the plan, the lead up before the launch, and what you do after the launch.
  • Whatever you are creating, you should spend quite a bit of time upfront developing the outline of the content, who the audience is, and think about the marketing of that content.
  • Start with what your audience needs to know and how you can create something that they would die to have. Jay’s example of creating a report on the top 50 university’s websites is perfect.
  • If you’re the person that has the data, information, or algorithm, it makes you more magnetic to your prospects.
  • Narrow down your audience to specific people. That will help you tailor the content directly to what they care about.
  • The goal of your pre-launch is to break down your big piece of content into smaller, bite-size pieces as you can. Get as many people as you can to help promote them and get the word out for the official launch.
  • The post launch step is the most important. Your big piece of content is not the finishing line, it’s the start. Post launch you should organize an effort with your strategic partners to funnel people into a meeting with you on how the content impacts them.
  • Seize the momentum of your launch to get the meetings where you can actually get hired.
  • Most people only do one or two parts of the three steps of the marketing your marketing process. Put all three into practice and watch your results explode.



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