46 minutes | Feb 4, 2021

169 - Jacob tells his story about relapse - What happened after 3.5 years!

Today, Ben and I are chatting to Jacob, who tells us his story of relapse, which led him to his deterioration and how he dug himself back out to sobriety again. Being introduced to alcohol at age 8, Jacob had a long and challenging life ahead of himself, which has led to his recovery with support from Rock Recovery Center. Starting His Life of Alcohol and Drugs at Age Eight At 26, Jacob has been living in Florida for over eight years. He was first introduced to alcohol at age 8, where he was given sips of drink at a New Year’s Eve party. Jacob liked taking whatever activity he participated into the extreme, and drugs were no exception. He had his first introduction into a drug and alcohol rehab program at the age of 14. Although he was there for a week, he participated but didn’t take the program seriously. Jacob Meets Ben at Rock Recovery Center At 18, Jacob came down to Florida to Rock Recovery Center and first met Ben. He didn’t like anyone telling him what to do and was always in trouble. When he turned 20, Jacob finally took his recovery seriously and was able to pick up his 90-day celebration chip on his 21st birthday. Taking Recovery to Heart “The steps were easy for me in the beginning, and looking back on it now, I wasn’t fully honest through all the steps.” At nine months sober, Jacob lost a best friend who was like a little brother to him and promised him that he would throw his heart and soul into recovery. Jacob spent three and a half years sober before he fell into the cycle of drugs again. His relapse started when he stopped connecting with his support group and supporting the recovery community. Jacob began to manipulate the people around him. “The depression, the anxiety, and the anger set in, and it was taking over me.” Listen in and find out what Jacob had to do to change his mindset and stay sober after his harrowing experience on and off of drugs. Check out our new website where you can download any episode right from my site along with other useful information for those in recovery. Share this podcast with a friend and leave us a review! Show Notes: [06:00] Jacob’s first experience in a drug rehab program at age 14. [09:15] Promising the soul of his lost best friend that he would put his heart into recovery. [12:42] What his first two years of sobriety looked like for Jacob. [19:05] Jacob’s ego got the best of him and started drifting back to drugs. [26:03] Users and recovering addicts should avoid kratom as it binds to your opioid receptors. [32:01] He thought he had arrived when he started drinking himself to a blackout when he felt depressed. [38:08] Why Jacob went back out and did drugs and alcohol. [40:43] Dealing with past trauma and how that affected his addiction.  Episode Links and Resources Real Recovery Live Chat Real Recovery Talk on the Web Real Recovery Talk on YouTube Leave Real Recovery Talk a review on iTunes Rock Recovery Center Real Recovery Talk on Facebook Ideas for a show? Email us tom@realrecoverytalk.com and ben@realrecoverytalk.com Podcast editing and show notes by Pro Podcast Solutions
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