36 minutes | Dec 24, 2020

163 - Charlie celebrates 2 years of sobriety!

Charlie is here today to pick up his two years sobriety medallion at Rock Recovery Center. He is a graduate of our program and has successfully navigated a clean and sober life since leaving Rock Recovery Center. Charlie and his wife chat with us about how Charlie has been living his daily life as a clean and sober society member. The Beginnings of Charlie’s Addiction At age 13, Charlie left his home and started drinking socially to the point that he was drinking five gallons of alcohol a week. Before he started drinking heavily, he started taking hard drugs. “Once the drinking took off, my addiction became like a wildfire.” His portfolio of drugs included “meth, cocaine, crack, acid, shrooms, and I was in for anything that didn’t take a needle.” “Balancing” Work-Life and Addiction At 42, Charlie had to make sure he was clean for his job. “I was a Union carpenter, and I worked in a nuclear facility, so my background had to be squeaky clean, so I could pass the Homeland Security background check.” He would work 12 hour days, six days a week. After work, he would drink a few shots, go to sleep, then get up and go back to work. His addiction progressed into drinking in the morning to hold him over until break time at work, where he could drink a few shots, then drink again when he drove home from work. Switching from Drugs to Alcohol At first, he was able to “drink like a normal person,” and Charlie says that the “alcohol was socially acceptable, so it was easy to get.” He felt it was OK to get drunk at home by himself, watching TV, or “playing around in my workshop. I could cut off as many fingers as I wanted to because I was by myself, and it didn’t bother anybody.” Charlie was a solitary alcoholic and didn’t drink around friends or family. Charlie’s Wife Amy and Her Perspective on His Addiction “When we first got together, he point-blank told me that he was an alcoholic and he likes to drink.” She was OK with that until things progressed and they were in a more serious relationship. He started isolating and not paying attention to her or the children. Charlie decided to go to recovery, came back, and then relapsed soon after. “We live right down the street from a liquor store,” so it was easy for Charlie to get a hold of alcohol. They separated, and then Charlie decided to go to Rock Recovery Center for treatment as Amy didn’t want to continue the relationship with Charlie’s addictive behavior. At Rock Recovery Center, we take a humanistic approach to recovery, teaching our clients how to live independently in a sober world. We care about the success and safety of each and every one of our clients from the moment they step into our center to the future of their well-being. Check out my new website where you can download any episode right from my site along with other useful information for those in recovery. Share this podcast with a friend and leave us a review! Show Notes: [02:24] Charlie talks about his childhood and addiction background. [05:48] He reflects on his history of work and addiction. [09:57] Amy gives her perspective as a wife of an addict. [12:15] Charlie remembers driving drunk with his three-year-old grandson in the car. [14:25] Coming to Florida to Rock Recovery Center was Charlie’s first immersive rehabilitation experience. [19:05] What Charlie is doing daily to continue his successful recovery. [19:45] Amy’s experience with Charlie’s recovery and her wedding proposal to Charlie. [24:28] Living life on life’s terms and the importance of reaching out for support. [28:01] Charlie talks about his solid sobriety foundation. [31:36] Why life isn’t boring when you’re sober. [32:46] Charlie’s recommendation on the first steps to sobriety. Episode Links and Resources Real Recovery Live Chat Real Recovery Talk on the Web Real Recovery Talk on YouTube Leave Real Recovery Talk a review on iTunes Rock Recovery Center Real Recovery Talk on Facebook Ideas for a show? Email us tom@realrecoverytalk.com and ben@realrecoverytalk.com Podcast editing and show notes by Pro Podcast Solutions
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