40 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

162 - Ben celebrates 10 years of sobriety!!

“I feel that if I didn’t take that crappy job that I hated, that I wouldn’t be here on the path I was meant to be on.” -Ben Ben's First Two Years in Recovery Today, Ben and I celebrate Ben's tenth year of sobriety! "Years two through now have flown by for me," says Ben reflecting back on his journey. He remembers his first two years being rough for him as his first two years were a struggle. Ben refers to AA's founder and his recollection of having waves of resentment and self-pity through his process. Why Ben's First Year Was Extraordinarily Hard Ben realizes what made his first year so difficult was that he wanted to go back to his comfortable life. This was when he started taking suggestions and takeaways from meetings and other members of the various groups he belonged to in his recovery. Ben encourages others to take advice and try suggestions from successful sober society members to see what works for their recovery. If something doesn't work, they need to note what didn't work and try a new solution. After two years of sobriety, he created a career change from bartending and personal training to working for a moving company, although he didn't want it as a job choice. He didn't realize that this job would lead him to go to school, getting his degree, and giving him the ability to work with recovering addicts. People realized Ben was owning his own plan and working out of his comfort zone, and they decided to support him. How Trust Makes Sobriety Work When you first come "off the street," you don't trust hardly anyone. However, to have a complete recovery, you'll need to put your trust in a few people to support you in your journey. Ben reminds us that we cannot have a successful recovery without trusting others, giving them a chance to "buy-in" to our recovery, and letting them be a part of our team and lead us to a healthier lifestyle. Listen to Ben's challenges his first two years and how he got through his hardships, how he came to accept "life on life's terms," and how he changed his life's paradigm to create less conflict and justification in his life, which led to his complete recovery. At Rock Recovery Center, we take a humanistic approach to recovery, teaching our clients how to live independently in a sober world. We care about the success and safety of each and every one of our clients from the moment they step into our center to the future of their well-being. Check out my new website where you can download any episode right from my site along with other useful information for those in recovery. Share this podcast with a friend and leave us a review! Show Notes: [02:36] Ben celebrates ten years of sobriety! [03:37] He reflects on his first two years of being clean and sober. [09:14] Trying new solutions when the previous idea didn’t work. [12:33] Do you really need a job that humbles you? [14:37] Getting out of your own way and how that can help you in life. [18:05] Ben’s most challenging hardships the first two years of sobriety.  [21:13] What prevented Ben from picking up drugs and alcohol during his recovery. [25:41] Playing “Simon Says” to stay sober. [31:07] Confidence in taking action in order to stay clean. [35:17] Life doesn’t get easier, you have to get better at handling life situations. [38:20] What he does today to stay sober and how sobriety is possible. Episode Links and Resources Real Recovery Live Chat Real Recovery Talk on the Web Real Recovery Talk on YouTube Leave Real Recovery Talk a review on iTunes Rock Recovery Center Real Recovery Talk on Facebook Ideas for a show? Email us tom@realrecoverytalk.com and ben@realrecoverytalk.com Podcast editing and show notes by Pro Podcast Solutions
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