58 minutes | Apr 24, 2020

#52 - Elaine Bensted - Caring for 3000 animals in surreal times

Today we are joined by EB, Elaine Bensted, the Chief Executive of Zoos SA, including Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park.We hear about EB's childhood growing up loving animals, then having a successful corporate career and passion for education, with her role prior joining Zoos SA, the CEO of TAFE SA. EB discusses finding joy in the chaos, and how a complex like Zoos SA, with its 3,000 animals needing care irrespective of visitors, adjusts, makes some hard decisions, and positions itself for short term survival and long termsuccess.Real People is a podcast hosted by Jason Dunstone, the founder and managing director of Square Holes. Subscribe to Real People on your favourite podcast player.Jason builds on his 25 years of conducting human-centred research, interviewing average and not so average people (rich, poor, old, young, content and vulnerable) to understand what they believe and how they behave.Check out the Real People website - http://squareholes.com/realpeopleConnect with Jason Dunstone on Twitter @jasondunstone - https://twitter.com/jasondunstone?lang=enSend Jason an email - jason@squareholes.com Read more blogs from Jason Dunstone - https://squareholes.com/blog/author/jason/Find out more about Square Holes - http://www.squareholes.com/Produced with Apiro Media - https://www.apiropodcasts.com/
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